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Digital for "Near Normal"

In last 2 months, it is amazing to see how various people and businesses have adapted to and adopted the digital medium to manufacture a new "near normal" scenario.

Schools are running virtual classroom sessions complete with virtual white boards and presentations.  Teachers have improvised and added physical boards using additional devices and cameras. I was witness to an English literature class where the teacher used the virtual rooms on Zoom seamlessly for group discussions and presentations and a mathematics teacher using a graph plotting software to keep the interest levels high.  This is not just restricted to the languages & sciences. Art , Yoga & physical education classes are being conducted with very high levels of engagement. It is true that the the virtual platform cannot give the touch, feel and experience of a physical space, still, watching fellow students on screen doing the activities together, and participating in them with the teacher observing, is a wonderful new experience. 

Organisations are going beyond normal training, learning & development initiatives, but using the potential of the digital platform & tools to help employees relieve stress, to address their anxieties and to help them with sessions on yoga & meditation.  Fun interactive sessions with group activities are acting as the new virtual off-sites. Employee engagement focused sessions to keep the teams connected are being planned by Leaders. Managers are looking at conducting virtual reviews and visits, Human Resource teams are exploring online induction processes and product/process training initiatives.  Banks are looking at interactive video kyc (Know your customer).     

A fellow trainer, has conducted interactive sessions for resume, Interview and career decision related sessions , all of it part of a virtual Job Fair . Story tellers, a group of story telling enthusiasts have embraced the virtual medium to conduct engaging narration sessions, inviting new story tellers and celebrating the veteran narrators.   

A religious group is using the platform to conduct sessions for chanting of sacred hymns and singing devotional songs, lead by a teacher & repeated by the learners across the digital space. virtual rooms are then used for groups to practice and come back & recite to the whole group.

Families are using the lock-down as an opportunity to connect with each other, to conduct online games, team activities and to just have fun. Chess classes, Yoga & Meditation lessons, painting & craft classes- the examples and lessons are all around us. The Digital medium and its possibilities has liberated a lot of us.

From Business leaders & managers, From HR professions to Independent trainers & Facilitators, From Teachers to Coaches, the virtual platform offers opportunities and possibilities for everyone.

It is time to learn and Reskill.

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