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Recalling Stories for your resume- the SPACE framework

How to recall stories for your resume : In my earlier video, I had talked about how it is important to have a story or an experience to support everything you mention in your resume. A key challenge then, is to recall relevant stories. How do you go about the process ? Where do you start ?

To make the process easy, I have developed a simple template which will help you

get triggers for experiences and stories you want to gather and recall.

The SPACE framework is a proprietary tool. It consists of 5 components to trigger memories for getting the appropriate and authentic experiences

from your past

S - Setbacks : Setbacks, disappointments, rejections and failures leave an impression on us. They also teach us valuable lessons which we implement and become better. Recalling setbacks helps us recall these learnings as well.

P - People : People are our strongest anchors for remembering stories and experiences. All the people in our life family, friends, team members, peers, our managers, customers, vendors and consultants, all of them will have shared some or other experience with you which can lead you back to a forgotten story about yourself.

A- Achievements : Achievements need not be the end results or awards only. Any contribution you have made, any support you provided, any milestones you crossed, anything new you learnt are also you achievements

C-Competencies : What do you know ? What skills have you acquired & demonstrated ? what are your core values and strengths ? These all form part of the experiences you can recall when it comes to competencies. Add to this the role you aspire for and the competencies you wish to exhibit for that role, and you will have a good set of points to write about

E- Environment: Environment includes place & time. All the places you have worked at, locations you traveled to, conferences you attended and the off-sites you had and places at which you stayed at different times can help you recall interesting experiences with team members, clients, and vendors. Also associating your resume timelines with other events- globally or locally can help you create strong anchors for recalling.

Once you have recalled pointers for each of the above you can combine them to recall and write the relevant stories in your resume. For this purpose you can use the specially designed SPACE template.

SPACE_Template for resume & Interviews
Download P • 97KB

You can download this template for your personal use. If you wish to use it for any consulting/coaching sessions, please get in touch with us for the pricing.

Use this framework repeatedly till you find your resume resonating very closely with what you speak about yourself.

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