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S.I.P for Life

As Shruti Kamath & Akshay Kamath talked about their Seven pronged formula towards Maximising day to Maximise life on #fridaychitchat ( here’s the link – ), a spontaneous thought was that their approach was similar to a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

The only difference is that instead of being financial this is an SIP for life. 

How does a financial SIP work ? 1) You understand your current situation and DEFINE YOUR GOALS in financial terms.  2) You START investing. Anytime is good time to start a SIP. 3) You are CONSISTENT and PATIENT, and stay the course. 4) You reap the benefits manifold.

SIP for Life works in same way.

1) Understand what you want to do , not what you have to do ( because you have no option), or not what you should do ( because someone else told you to do). No need to think of filling up a journal with goals or to sit brooding over the bucket lists. Start with the first thing that comes to your mind, that is important for you and your life. It could be work, family, fun, finance, spiritual, learning, travelling, anything or all of it. Keep adding as you go along and as you keep finding purpose. 

2) Start, with whatever you have, whatever little you can do. Don’t wait for any equipment, training, help, guidance, tools. No need to make drastic changes to your life style. No need to change or abandon a habit forcefully ( these are non-starters). Just start with what you have, whatever you know, whatever little you can do. Start small, but START NOW. This moment.

3) Do it consistently and patiently. Do it everyday. Tick it off at the end of day, and start again the next day. Keep adding to this byte as you please.

4) Reap the manifold benefits to your health, relationships, professional & personal growth and all other spheres through-out your life.

Isn’t it simple & doable ? Do share your thoughts. Can you think of starting an #SIPforLife today ? What will it be ?

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