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Getting ready for the appraisal

It is that time again. Everyone from the foot soldier to the top guy, is getting ready to receive their report card. You have done all that you could ( or even more) in last 11 months, and now you will come to know the result of those efforts in terms of the benefits and rewards that you have earned.

But before that, – have you ensured that your supervisor knows what you have done ? – Does He/She have the full measure as to how well you have justified your role ? – Do they have all the details of your hard work and contribution ? – Have they clearly interpreted the results as well as efforts ?

And Most Importantly – Do you have the full account of what you want them to know ? – have you done enough to convince them and to form the right perception ?

If you have taken care of these questions and have the appropriate stuff to highlight your achievements, you are done. If you have not however, it may still not be too late to make that last-minute effort. Here’s how you can do it

Step 1: Write down all the Goals/Result Areas that you were supposed to deliver on

Step 2: Make a list of all your achievements/Contribution- however big or small; (ensure all the numbers that you mention are checked and reconciled)

Step 3: Map these achievements to the Goals /Achievements in step 1 and what ever is unmapped is what you have done beyond what you were expected of;

Step 4: Write a note about what new you learnt during the year and how it has helped you in delivering your Goals. Do not forget to mention the contribution of your Appraiser in your Learning ( no, I am not asking you to be a sycophant, mention genuine points)

Step 5: Mention specific instances where you demonstrated qualities which are essential for that coveted next level

Step 6: Mention how you have contributed to development of your team members and those in other teams too

Step 7: Once you have this small document (if you have really justified yourselves, this should be about 3-4 pages long), Ask for a personal meeting with your supervisor and take him through this note. Also send a soft copy (preferably pdf). Remember, This document has to be Objective & Factual and should be in plain simple english, no flowery language here.

Step 8: Keep the focus in the meeting on the self ( no comparison with anyone else) and keep the discussion towards how you can do more & better next year.

Step 9: Ask for specific feedback and DO NOT BE DEFENSIVE while listening to the feedback

Remember, Appraisal process is a opportunity to showcase yourselves. It is also a process of negotiation with your Appraiser. If you do your homework well and have all the facts ready with you, you will have a smooth sail and a tension-free appraisal.

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