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10 tips to screw your career

It is surprising to see how a large number of people unconsciously keep committing acts which side-track their careers. Here are some pointers which every employee should be conscious about (unless you have the self-destructive tendencies)

Tip #1 – Can’t stay at one place ?- The best way to make your CV look like a travelogue is to keep hopping jobs every year or even sooner if you can manage that. Mobility after all is the way to go. and you can’t understand why that should be an issue with the next prospective employer?

Tip #2– The aimless wanderer – It takes some time for order to emerge out of chaos. I also hope to make sense of the meandering career that i have had till now. What do you mean there is no direction in what i am doing ? the dots will connect somewhere, sometime. Hello? . Hello…

Tip #3- Don’t research before you leap –

  • What they told me in the interview was different from the role they gave me later

  • I did not know the company was in trouble

  • I am not the start-up kind. i thought they were already established.

Tip #4– i know more than my boss, every time, all the time – it can happen once, twice may be. if it happens every time, you are really the chosen one . Your bosses don’t seem to know a thing. You just can’t agree with their decisions & thoughts. You make every effort to prove your point at every available opportunity. Way to go. which way?

Tip #5 – i am the know-all. I finished my education when i did my professional course 10 years back. I have worked enough to know everything about my domain & my industry. My company willtrain me if they feel i need more skills. Where is the need to spend time reading books, attending seminars, Browsing & checking out new developments or to take that certification course ?

Tip #6– my knowledge is my property no sharing allowed. I have worked hard to gather this knowledge, do you think i will let you benefit from it ? Go do it yourself. Why should someone what to know what i do & how i do it ? I will protect my domain till my last breath.

Tip #7– Complacency is my hallmark. I am comfortable with what I do. A bit too comfortable to venture out of my cubicle. Don’t expect me to take up new challenges, initiatives, and responsibilities. The only stretching i know is what i do at the gym.

Tip #8– I trust you to promote me. won’t you let the senior people know how well i am doing ? i am too modest to talk about my achievements, my colleagues in the office do it for me.I am sure my boss always puts in a positive word about me. I only wonder why nobody recognizes me in spite of all my good work.

Tip #9 -My charisma will cover-up my incompetence. Not everyone is perfect. So what if I messed up the last deal. OK, we lost that client last month. only 3 of my 4 projects are pending. But you know, i was the person chosen to take the CEO around when he visited the regional office. I make all arrangements for every office party. I have a tab on everything that happens in this office. That’s my network.

Tip # 10– Too busy to take care of my Health. I slog & spend more time in office than at home, 7 days a week. have no time to take care of my body. had to take frequent medical breaks last year. Looks like i need a longer one this year.I hope my company will understand. Don’t be surprised, this is an increasingly popular road to finish.

These are just some of them. From your experiences, feel free to add more.

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